Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper on noise pollution

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Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper on noise pollution

My father, who was a lath and plaster contractor at the time, helped build the cone. I was in the eighth grade at St. Nicholas School, which was located on Rosita Avenue back then. I wish everyone could have experienced our town as it was back then.

write a letter to the editor of a newspaper on noise pollution

However, I would like to focus on the primary use of the nighttime lights: As a pediatrician and parent, I am keenly aware of the medical literature related to football and chronic traumatic encephalopathy CTE.

Numerous articles in highly reputable medical journals have shown that early and frequent head trauma with and without concussions has been linked to development of CTE. The Harvard Educational Review recently published a compelling ethical and legal argument against public school sponsorship of high school tackle football.

Mountain View Stadium lights threaten academics We are concerned that the addition of lights to the athletic field at Los Altos High School will alter the tranquility of our neighborhood.

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The events will not be confined to four or five football games. One argument is that the football team needs more practice time; however, their regular season ends more than a week before daylight saving time ends.

With classes ending before 3: Is it in the best interest of students, whether they are involved in sports or the band, to take them away from their primary purpose in school, i. Allowing practice after 6: Write to us at Main St. Because editorial space is limited, please confine letters to no more than words.

Include a phone number for verification purposes. Anonymous letters will not be printed. You can also have your say right here at losaltosonline.Noise pollution from a 24hr., days per year operation for 23 years. The probability of acid/toxic mine drainage from tailings and mine operations into the water sources of those living on the perimeter of the mine site, and into the Thompson River.

Out of those problem one is chosen and same is raised to a newspaper editor. The question may be like this. Question-Write a letter to editor of a newspaper drawing to attention of the rities concerned to the problem of frequent power cuts power (failures today) in your locality.

A Noise Complaint letter is a letter written to the landlord by a tenant to complain about some persistent noise in the premise. The complaint regarding the noise should be written with proper details and information to state the case correctly and to warrant an investigation and appropriate action against the .

Formal letter is an official letter written to competent authority. You may write for job application, bank manager for various queries, application to principal, complaint to government organization, editor of news paper.

Letter to the Editor. Note making. Poster designing. Story of Rapunzel. My School_A Documentary She cannot concentrate in her studies in such a circumstance. She writes a letter to the Police Commissioner complaining about the nuisance of loudspeakers in her city.

For the common man, too, the noise of loudspeakers is very irritating. Environment – noise pollution - Articles 19, 19(1), 19(1)A, 19(10), 21, 25, and OF Constitution of India, Noise Pollution Control and Regulation Rules, , Section 2 of Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, , Section 2 of Environment (Protection) Act, , Section 2 of Noise Abetment Act, , Control on Pollution.

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