Write a essay on muslim invasion of south india

Here is your essay on the Impact of Islam on Indian Society! Prior to advent of the Islam and after the reign of Harsha, India witnessed a spell of political disintegration and intellectual stagnation. The country was divided into several small states. People developed parochial outlooks and identities.

Out of the nine lakh horsemen, the bulk accompanied Tughlaq on his campaigns while the rest were posted in various provincial garrisons around the country.

Write a essay on muslim invasion of south india

In addition he could raise large forces for temporary expeditions. This had to be disbanded after a year due to maintenance costs running in crores of tankas the currency of the day. But within two years of this disaster the banner of freedom was unfurled by the Musunuri chief Prolaya Nayaka and his cousin Kapaya Nayaka.

With their headquarters at Rekapalli, they gathered around them 75 Nayakas military chiefs of the erstwhile Kakatiya kingdom.

Prolaya Nayaka revived the old endowments and patronised Vedic learning. He also restored those temples which suffered destruction at the hands of the Islamic invaders. This liberating army of the Hindus moved swiftly and by CE coastal Andhra was liberated from the clutches of the Muslims.

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In western Andhra by CE they were joined by the Chalukya prince Somadeva, who from his base in Kondanavolu Kurnool launched attacks on the Muslim garrisons in the Bellary and Rayalseema regions.

In concert with him, Veera Ballala attacked Kampili. Somadeva defeated Malik Muhammad in a series of battles and managed to capture him along with his cavalry.

Write a essay on muslim invasion of south india

However Muhammad managed to secure his freedom by making false promises. By CE the position of the Muslims in Andhra had become precarious. The survivors retreated to Warangal which was under Malik Maqbul. Ahsan Shah had declared himself as an independent Sultan of Madura and minted coins in his own name.

When Tughlaq was encamped in Warangal or Bidar as per another account a plague struck the city of Warangal. A majority of the Hindu population of that city perished along with a great part of Muhammad Tughlaqs army. Muhammad Tughlaq himself was taken sick and had to beat a hasty retreat.

Ahsan Shah was left to his own devices in Madurai. By CE the stage was clear for the liberation of Warangal. In this he was aided by Veera Ballala who sent forces to reinforce Kapaya.

Warangal the declared as the capital of the short lived but glorious Musunuri kingdom.

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The only aberration was the Sultanate of Madurai in Tamil Nadu. The doab region is one of the most fertile regions in India. Muhammad Tughlaqs oppressive policies had exacerbated the drought into a deadly famine.

Hindus abandoned their lands and fled into the safety of the jungles. For this Muhammad Tughlaq organised hunts to kill them like wild animals.

The decision to move the capital of the Sultanate to Devagiri in CE was dictated by many factors: Primary amongst them was to check the wave of Hindu resurgence sweeping South India. Far flung places like Madurai were six months march from Delhi.

Vijayanagara Empire - Wikipedia Alternative name[ edit ] Karnata Rajya Karnata Empire was another name for the Vijayanagara Empire, used in some inscriptions [8] [9] and literary works of the Vijayanagara times including the Sanskrit work Jambavati Kalyanam by King Krishnadevaraya and Telugu work Vasu Charitamu. Many historians propose that Harihara I and Bukka Ithe founders of the empire, were Kannadigas and commanders in the army of the Hoysala Empire stationed in the Tungabhadra region to ward off Muslim invasions from the Northern India.

Devagiri had the advantage in being centrally located and within striking range of the main centres of the liberation struggle i. The fact that it was exclusively the Muslim population that was transferred is indicated in the sources.

Delhi had become a parasitical city whose prosperity depended on the exploitation of the Hindu countryside.How to write an essay; the Muslim world achieved its greatest level of unity since the time of the Abbasids.

- Under the Ottomans, many cultures maintained their identities within Muslim society. This conversion meant that when there of trade in South East Asia. From a small invasion of 20 4 pages 12 Feb/ This paper /5(3). The Muslim view of their conquest of India is a truer one.

They speak of the triumph of the faith, the destruction of idols and temples, the loot, the carting away of the local people as slaves, so cheap and numerous that they were being sold for a few rupees.

The Indian's New South Essay example - The Indians' New South Europeans came to the colonial Southeast because of the previous success other explorers had in the Caribbean and its surrounding island finding an abundance of gold, silver, and other treasures. Muslim historian Irfan Habib writes in "Timur in the Political Tradition and Historiography of Mughal India" that in the 14th century, the word "Hindu" (people of "Al-Hind", "Hind" being "India") included "both Hindus and Muslims" in religious connotations.

India has had a long history of religious violence, stemming as early as the Middle Ages when Muslim expansion spread into the Indian peninsula to the British Invasion of the middle 19th century.

This paved the way for the Muslim invasion into India during the early half of the eleventh century. These were felt in the form of 17 successive raids to North India, made by Mahmud of Ghazni.

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