Vonkel case

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Vonkel case

All relevant data are within the paper and its Supporting Information files. Abstract Introduction When psychiatric patients express Vonkel case wish for euthanasia, this should first and foremost be interpreted as a cry for help. Due to their close day-to-day relationship, psychiatric nurses may play an important and central role in responding to such requests.

Method A questionnaire was sent to 11 psychiatric Vonkel case in the Flemish part of Belgium. Confounding factors were the psychiatric diagnosis and the type of ward where the nurses were working.

Conclusion The results highlight the need for ethically sound and comprehensive provision of care.

Vonkel case

Psychiatric nurses play an important role in dealing with the complex issue of requests for euthanasia. There is also a need for education, training and clear guidelines on the level of health care organizations.

On February 13th an amendment of the law has made euthanasia a possibility for minors [ 1 ]. The patient requesting euthanasia has to be a competent adult who has unbearably suffering from a serious medical condition, including psychiatric illnesses, with no therapeutic perspective nor prospect of alleviating suffering.

In a terminal stage of illness one independent physician is required to examine the patient and give advice regarding the request to the physician who received the initial request.

If the patient is not in a terminal stage two additional requirements need to be met. At least one month must pass between the written euthanasia request and life determination, and a second independent physician is required to examine the patient and give once again advice regarding the request.

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This physician needs to be a psychiatrist in case of psychiatric illnesses. When euthanasia is requested by a minor, the procedure is equal except for a required consent of parents or legal guardians [ 1 ]. According to annual reports of the federal control and evaluation commission on euthanasia in Belgium, requests for euthanasia based on UMS are rapidly increasing.


In the annual report from till the requests based on UMS were already 58 2. A retrospective study showed that over a time period from till hundred requests were based on UMS, where from 48 were accepted and 35 died by euthanasia [ 2 ].

A request for euthanasia based on UMS is a topic that has raised important clinical and ethical considerations [ 3 ; 4 ]. Dealing with euthanasia requests based on UMS should be a on cautious base within the existing legal framework.

One needs to be absolutely certain that this intervention is the last resource for the patient [ 5 ].

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The process towards euthanasia can lead to increased demoralization [ 1 ]. While a request for euthanasia by a psychiatrically ill patient can also be a cry for help [ 6 ; 7 ].management,a diamond in the rough vonkel enterprises have recently purchased thembeka a company that specializes in the sale and distribution of gold and diamond jewelry this company designs manufact.

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