The house of the scorpion

For six years, he has lived in a tiny cottage in the poppy fields with Celia, a kind and deeply religious servant woman who is charged with his care and safety. After a near misadventure in his escape, Matt makes his way back home and begins to rid the country of its evils. Prereading activity Ask students to write down their definition of science fiction. Then have them discuss the meaning of cloning.

The house of the scorpion

The House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer is an intriguing story about a young man who discovers he is a clone and must struggle to learn what this means. Matteo Alacran, a clone harvested from the DNA of El Patron, the Master of Opium, is treated poorly by the Alacran family and servants, despite his superior education and his attempts to fit in.

After escaping death by fleeing to the neighboring nation of Atzlan, Matt faces isolation for reasons he never imagined. The House of the Scorpion is an entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable novel.

Matt lives isolated in a house in the middle of the poppy fields with Celia. When children appear outside the window and try to talk to him, Matt breaks the window and jumps out, cutting himself on the glass. Rosa imprisons Matt in a room filled with sawdust, treating him like an animal, but when Celia finds out what is going on, she contacts El Patron who rescues Matt and forbids anyone to treat Matt poorly.

Matt is educated and raised in the Big House, but the Alacrans and their servants ignore him as much as possible. Tam Lin, his bodyguard, teaches him a bit about life outside of the poppy fields.

When Matt learns that clones are created to harvest body organs, he is distraught, but he convinces himself that El Patron would not waste resources educating him if he is supposed to be used for spare parts. Since Celia has poisoned Matt with arsenic, El Patron cannot use his heart, and he dies.

When Matt escapes Opium, the Keepers take responsibility for him, sending him to work in the plankton factory near San Luis where he is mocked as an aristocrat.

The house of the scorpion

After escaping his intended death in the boneyard, Matt escapes from the plankton factory with three friends and finally reaches the convent of Santa Clara where Maria resides. Since the original Matteo Alacran, El Patron, died, Matt is now the Master of Opium, and he prepares to take responsibility and correct the evils that his predecessor committed.

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The House of the Scorpion. The House of the Scorpion Cover illustration: Russell Gordon Atheneum Books, ; audio: Recorded Books Between the U.S.A.

and Aztlán (once called Mexico) lies a strip of land, known as Opium, the name of its chief product. The House of the Scorpion - Student Packet by Novel Units Jun 8, by Novel Units. Paperback. $ $ 13 99 Prime. FREE Shipping on eligible orders.

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Only 11 left in stock - order soon. More Buying Choices. $ (13 used & new offers) out of 5 stars 2. House of the Scorpion - Teacher Guide by Novel Units Apr 23, Apr 06,  · The House of the Scorpion discusses cloning and raises important issues about immigration, bioethics, and drug encourages readers to think about what it means to be human and about the rights that should be afforded to everyone, no matter who they are or where they live.5/5.

Jan 06,  · The House of the Scorpion is a science fiction novel by Nancy Farmer. It features Matteo Alacrán, a young clone raised by a drug lord of the same name, usually called "El Patrón". It is a story.

The House of the Scorpion (Matteo Alacran, #1) by Nancy Farmer