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Sky writing companies

Am not very satisfied with the services of Tatasky. The channels subscribed are not playing properly. And customer service of Tatasky responds so late. While I was out of the country I received an SMS that my services for the second set top box would be deactivated if i do not recharge the account by 11 Jan On my return on 17th Jan Sky writing companies had spoken to Customer care who agreed that it was a mistake of Tatasky and the same would be rectified.

To my surprise the rectification was done for a couple of days as apparently that is the best the Supervisor could do in his capacity and I was again harassed for recharge. I have reached out to Tatasky atleast seven times since i returned and all I would get to know is that it is the sky writing companies of the billing department and i would continue to get the services uninterrupted.

This is not the case and every time there is a deactivation, i heave to reach out and i get a relief for a week and again reach out to them.

sky writing companies

The second set top box has been deactivated wef 18th Feb and till date there has been no resolution. There are no offices wherein one could go and register a formal complaint. The customer care numbers are handled by inexperienced people who need to be told the whole story repeatedly though as per convention all conversations are recorded, and finally there appears a supervisor who promises total relief and all we get is a few days activation and the complaint process starts all over again.

Tata sky should atleast have the courage and process to address issues of such concern at an appropriate level and provide relief to customers who are forced to pay in advance and deprived of the services.

Rosidah Fazal Reply I am going through hell with tata sky. They sure do have lame excuse in honouring their terms and conditions. I was transfered from KaraikalPondicherry to Mumbai 3 weeks back. On reaching here ,we requested the Tata sky to set up our dish, as per the terms and conditions in their handbook.

Everyday they keep on saying some lame excuse.

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We daily repeat the whole story to their dear, sweet ,extremely polite ,customer care person ,only raises our BP level. Then eventually they concluded that the area we are staying in are extremely dangerous,as they need police or black cat protection, also mind you they want me to get on writting from the police they tatasky will be protected.

Then I will have to send this copy to Tatasky. I am just a customerwho had taken a Mega pack for 1 year. Why should I be dragged into whatever problems the customer has with the local people at Takka ,Panvel. In our complex we have never come across such problemsas you will be able to see many dishes on top of the buildings.

Tata sky has even passed on this scare to other Dish TV. Now I am a victim. If they are unable to attendthen that is a different story, but dont cook up stories and make our peaceful area into a goonda city.

This is really very bad. If this is the way u deal with yr customer, than sorry guys u r going the lose your customer and the market.

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Vivek Reply I am an Air Force officer with a transferable job. On enquiry I was told services are not available there and my connection has to be discontinued.

Proportionate subscription for 10 months period would be returned to me on my new posting address. As my luggage was to leave on 03 Jun 12 and I was supposed to hand over my quarter on 03 June I requested for discontinuation on 01 Jun giving 48 hrs notice. However despite several calls no one came to collect antenna etc and I have not been able to hand over my house till date.The mission of the Bridport Prize is to encourage emerging writers and promote literary excellence through its writing competition structure.

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There were many regional companies when cable television services were developed in the late s and s. Today they have amalgamated to become Virgin Media, which is available to 55% of households. Cable TV is a subscription service normally bundled with a phone line and broadband.

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