Honors english module 2

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Honors english module 2

To experience a spirituality that supports intercultural ministry and reconciliation 2. To focus on the developmental process for ecclesial integration and inclusion, specifically in diverse parish settings, including competencies for Building relationships Effective communication Decision making 3.

To identify models for effective pastoral responses, principles, and practices that shape fruitful ministry in intercultural settings Outcomes Demonstrate a clear understanding of the principle of ecclesial integration versus assimilation.

Identify different parish models in the context of cultural diversity and a spirituality of mission and reconciliation. Apply the developmental process of ecclesial integration and its five principles to one's own parish or Catholic institution.

This module offers an appropriate spirituality to support intercultural ministries and practical applications. It includes a developmental process for ecclesial integration, intercultural relationships, and stewardship. The process shows how parish members reach a new sense of Catholic identity, belonging, and ownership.

The module also explores generational differences among new immigrants and offers pastoral principles to develop effective intercultural ministries. The module is written mostly from the perspective of the new immigrants and the communities that receive them. However, for the purpose of our study of ecclesial integration, where it says "immigrant," it can also be read "newcomer.

It may also be the case that the "newcomers" are members of a community that has always "been there," but they were either neglected or ignored and now ask for inclusion. Spirituality for Intercultural Ministry and Reconciliation For intercultural ministry to be effective, it will Honors english module 2 a lived spirituality to support it.

It is one thing to have knowledge, ability, and skills in the area of intercultural relations, but it is quite another to be motivated to act on what one knows.

The Church embodies a spirituality of encounter, conversion, communion, solidarity, and mission. Encounter with Christ leading to conversion, which means to "turn one's mind and heart around.

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The communion of the Church, rooted in God's love, offers all people the sense of identity, purpose, and community they seek. A firm and persevering determination to commit oneself and a whole faith community to the common good. The "Going Fishing" Response A particularly poignant example of how pastoral ministers sometimes remain paralyzed in the face of new challenges like the ones posed by diversity is found in Chapter 21 of St.

We read about the encounter of the disciples with Jesus after his Resurrection and learn how he made breakfast for them. Discouraged by the loss of their Master, the disciples try to go back to what they did before they met Jesus.

In today's multicultural context, parish leaders may also experience the "Going Fishing" response: The parish leadership may feel Discouraged because many new immigrant Catholics living around them do not go to Mass or participate in parish activities Uneasy about the presence of new immigrants and wonder if they are "illegals" New immigrants feel discouraged by Their difficult situation as foreigners in a foreign land Economic, family, and immigration issues The Catholic parish's doors remaining closed to them i.

A stranger appears on the shore and asks them about their fishing in a caring and familiar tone. By doing this, Jesus helps them break the cycle of their obsession.

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Some encounters with Jesus mentioned in the Gospel are clearly personal, as when Jesus summons someone to follow him Mt 9: In these cases, Jesus deals with familiarity with his hearers: Come and see" In other cases, the encounters are communal in nature, as when Jesus spoke to the Twelve: The Church is the place where men and women, by encountering Jesus, can come to know the love of the Father Jn Conversion It is only when they lower the nets on the other side, when they are free from their obsession, that they are able to recognize who has been standing on the shore.

Conversion, or metanoia in Greek, means "to turn one's mind around. In an intercultural ministry, we turn away from the sins of racism and prejudice. We turn toward the image and likeness of God to be found in each human being, including the "other" and those who are "different.

Conversion means both a conversion of our hearts and the conversion of those social structures and biases that perpetuate racism and discrimination. Communion Jesus becomes the gracious host, cooking for them and inviting them to contribute their own newly caught fish.

The communion of the Church, rooted in God's love, is called to offer all people the sense of identity, purpose, and community they seek. Claimed by Christ and baptized into the Holy Spirit, Catholic people from all generations, cultures, races, immigration statuses, and social situations have become full members of the Church, and all are worthy of the love, the respect, and the support of the entire Christian community.

In a society that is increasingly diverse and to some extent divided, we must urgently proclaim with joy and firm faith that through our "communion with Christ. Living out a theology of communion entails creating greater harmony among peoples. It does not call for the erasure of difference; rather, it brings differences into harmony with one another.

An intercultural ministry must be one that welcomes the stranger and works out of an understanding of the Church as communion in which collaboration is central to pastoral service what in Hispanic ministry is understood as pastoral de conjunto.

As such, it is a manifestation of the catholicity of the Church. Solidarity Jesus asks Simon, son of John, "Do you love me? Pope John Paul II defines the virtue of solidarity as "a firm and persevering determination to commit oneself [and a whole faith community] to the common good; that is to say to the good of all and of each individual, because we are all really responsible for all" Sollicitudo rei socialis, no.Module 8 Honors • The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare (full text & audio available in course) *With the exception of the novels in Module 4, all texts are available to students in the course.

Honors english module 2

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Below are the extra papers Mrs. Weaver has gathered so you can master the Module 3 Material. If you are absent or if you need another copy, you can print from the links below. You can also just bring them up on your monitor .

Honors english module 2
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