An analysis of small business and bookkeeping tasks

Computer systems are now relied on for a broad spectrum of duties, including bookkeeping, business communications, product design, manufacturing, inventory control, and marketing. Small business owners use computers for bookkeeping more than for any other purpose, and software programs designed to help even inexperienced business owners with their bookkeeping have proliferated on the marketplace in recent years as a result. Moreover, e-mail has significantly altered how employees within the same company interact with one another.

An analysis of small business and bookkeeping tasks

They are used to record the sales, purchases, goods returned by customers, and the one returned to suppliers by the business. Many small business owners confuse themselves with net profit and gross profit.

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SMALL BUSINESS AND COMPUTER USE Fredy Sujono Finding computer applications for various aspects of a company's operations has, in recent years, become an increasingly vital task of many small business owners.
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Your profit is what is accrued to you, you might have made all the necessary deductions from the sales at the end of the accounting year, and this bookkeeping helps you to keep tags of all the expenses and revenue you generated during a financial year.

Bookkeeping helps small businesses to ascertain the actual modules of tax assessments which will be more favorable to them, and it might interest you that you are not breaking any laws. Bookkeeping helps small business management to make decisions, with full knowledge of how it will either make or break the business.

Banks are only willing to deal with small businesses that are record keeping prudent; this will allow the banks to ascertain if it would be business wise to invest in such a company. The major error made by most small businesses is trying to keep financial details in their head. Having no budget designed to work with at the beginning of an accounting year.

No clear vision of where financially the business stands and of course — the know it all syndrome. It is reasonable that you keep a well-documented record of your business activities to avoid issues from the Government and to know actually where your business is currently heading.

When you budget expenses and revenue, you invariably plan. You are the boss so you should be aware of your business needs. It could be the acquisition of more fixed assets or investing more in your distribution network.

In your plans, you have to cognizant the fact of unforeseen events and make provisions for it, which is a primary reason most small businesses are always advised to set aside a percentage of their annual profit from the business to be saved as reserves for emergencies. Keep records of your expenditures: There are a variety of reasons why you should be aware of your expenses especially when it comes to tax computations.

Some business expenses are allowable, and when such happens, it reduces your tax liability and gives you more money to grow the business. Most business cards can help keep track of your expenses; it is pertinent to know that the tax authority gives a special free tax burden on certain distances you ply on business appoints, so you also have to keep track of your mileage too.

You are always advised to record deposits correctly to avoid being taxed on expenses rather than income that is accrued to the business. Always strive to pay your taxes when due to avoid cases with the CRA, which can be most times embarrassing. Of course, you are very much aware that it is a legal responsibility to clear your taxes and anything other than that is morally wrong.

An analysis of small business and bookkeeping tasks

Always offer a few discounts to debtors, to lure them to pay up early, because unpaid cash distorts your business and can negatively affect your business especially if it is still at the infant stage.

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An analysis of small business and bookkeeping tasks

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